Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors  
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Surveying and Mapping

The Firm practices a large spectrum of surveying services. These services consist of:

Boundary / Property Surveys

Lot Surveys

Topographic Surveys

Aerial Photography / Aerial Surface Modeling / Stockpile Volumes

Forensic and Accident Scene Surveys / Expert Witness Testimony

Hydrographic / Bathymetric Surveys

ALTA / ACSM Land Title Surveys

Location Surveys

FEMA Elevation Surveys / Elevation Certificates

Cell Tower Site Lease Surveys / Radio Tower Surveys

FAA - 1A Certifications

FAA - 2C Certifications

Gas Well Surveys / Permits

FEMA LOMA / LOMAR - Letters of Map Ammendments, Letters of Map Revisions

FEMA 44 CFR 65 Levee Certification Surveys

GPS Mapping / Surveying

GIS Mapping / GIS Integration / Cusom GIS Mapping Programming

Utility Mapping / Locations

Railway and Railroad Surveys, CSX, N&W, E-Railsafe Certified

Easement Surveys